Monday, July 28, 2014

Ways to increase water flow of the Jacuzzi bathtub.

Many people complain that their Jacuzzi is not powerful enough, the water flow seems always week and they wonder why. Probably they will have to check that pump that the tubs coming with.
Basically, the pump that runs a bathtub(lets take a two-person tub) starts from Rated power of 750W, thats to operate 4 big nozzles and 8 small jets,  call it standard.

A pump of 1500kw can be a very good choice as it creates much more powerful flow.

Well theres another way to have the water flow strengthened, thats the application of Dual Whirlpool Pumps, and the entering would be 2*750W. And if you got 2*1500W, thatd like OH MY GOD.

Dual Operating pump can work at the same time to obtain maximum output, Or you can have one working while freeing another, work both ways.  The system, therefore will have a rather longer lifetime.

Now lets see how it actually works.

Dual Circulation Systems working Separately.

The start of the enjoyment at simply hitting the buttons.

Underwater Light bringing extra romance. 

A touch A Kiss or a Glimpse

See mysterious it creates. 

Two working pumps on shifts. 

  Computer Control Panel with icons indicating parts and functions. 

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