Monday, July 28, 2014

Nigeria Spams

Occasionally receiving messages from Nigeria. 
A country of spams at a rather high percentage.

You will not  be surprised to see message like this. 

Good Day Sir/Ma,
   It is a pity that my Chinese is not very good, but I hope you will

understand me. We are a company located in the Nigeria. We were

advised to buy products from you  that you sell quality products.

Please do well to tell us your prices and the terms of sale of your

company. NOTE: We are in urgent need of it. Please reply as soon as

Best Regards,

Basically they promise purchasing quantities without doing an initial negotiation, they do not go over products specs. 

I'd say fuck off in most times but be careful too that these guys can be real buyers, in a very serious way. 

So try to tell them some stories::

We now have roughly ten Nigeria clients buying from us.

Nearly 5 containers to Lagos Nigeria every month. 

And we have this SONCAP Cert too. 

And you serious?

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