Sunday, October 9, 2016

Acrylic Shower Tray Shower Base ST-700SH

Acrylic Shower Tray ST-700SH
Acrylic Shower Tray
*Tray Material: Genuine Acrylic
*Size 700x700x150mm, Optional Sizes: 800x800x150mm, 900x900x150mm, 1000x1000x150mm
*Genuine Resin And Refined Fibreglass
*Plywood Reinforcement
*Heavy Duty Zinc Alloy Frame Underneath
*5 Adjustable Legs Built With Rigidity Plastic
*Shower Waste Included
*Highly Wear-Resistant
*Four Side Lips For Better Water Block
*Anti-Slip Textures
*Warranty: 5 Years
Acrylic Shower Tray
Acrylic Shower Tray
Acrylic Shower Tray

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

10 ways to avoid unexpected falling in bathrooms

One of many ways to avoid unexpected falling in the bathrooms is to adopt these shower trays with anti slip textures.
Shower Trays with Anti Slipping Textures (STS-8120RS) 

Anti Slipping Shower Trays


Shape: Rectangular

Building Material: Acrylic, resin, and fiberglass.

Anti slip texture in shape of Swords


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If this bothers you much, then we are the one to see. 

At CASA, we collect all the parts and gadgets for you, once for all. 

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Latest Full Body Stainless Steel Shower tray for prison use/ military use

Latest Full Body Stainless Steel Shower tray for prison use/ military use

 Full Body Stainless Steel Shower tray new release.

Heavy duty Stainless Steel Shower tray for prison use/ military use. 

Maximum load:400kgs.

Warranty: 35 years.

Contact: Whatsapp: +8615257104449

Latest Full Body Stainless Steel Shower tray for prison use/ military use - teetotal -
Latest Full Body Stainless Steel Shower tray for prison use/ military use - teetotal -

Monday, July 28, 2014

Nigeria Spams

Occasionally receiving messages from Nigeria. 
A country of spams at a rather high percentage.

You will not  be surprised to see message like this. 

Good Day Sir/Ma,
   It is a pity that my Chinese is not very good, but I hope you will

understand me. We are a company located in the Nigeria. We were

advised to buy products from you  that you sell quality products.

Please do well to tell us your prices and the terms of sale of your

company. NOTE: We are in urgent need of it. Please reply as soon as

Best Regards,

Basically they promise purchasing quantities without doing an initial negotiation, they do not go over products specs. 

I'd say fuck off in most times but be careful too that these guys can be real buyers, in a very serious way. 

So try to tell them some stories::

We now have roughly ten Nigeria clients buying from us.

Nearly 5 containers to Lagos Nigeria every month. 

And we have this SONCAP Cert too. 

And you serious?

Ways to increase water flow of the Jacuzzi bathtub.

Many people complain that their Jacuzzi is not powerful enough, the water flow seems always week and they wonder why. Probably they will have to check that pump that the tubs coming with.
Basically, the pump that runs a bathtub(lets take a two-person tub) starts from Rated power of 750W, thats to operate 4 big nozzles and 8 small jets,  call it standard.

A pump of 1500kw can be a very good choice as it creates much more powerful flow.

Well theres another way to have the water flow strengthened, thats the application of Dual Whirlpool Pumps, and the entering would be 2*750W. And if you got 2*1500W, thatd like OH MY GOD.

Dual Operating pump can work at the same time to obtain maximum output, Or you can have one working while freeing another, work both ways.  The system, therefore will have a rather longer lifetime.

Now lets see how it actually works.

Dual Circulation Systems working Separately.

The start of the enjoyment at simply hitting the buttons.

Underwater Light bringing extra romance. 

A touch A Kiss or a Glimpse

See mysterious it creates. 

Two working pumps on shifts. 

  Computer Control Panel with icons indicating parts and functions. 

 Should you have any problems with your bathtubs or showers, you're free to seek technician support from Hangzhou CASA Baths N'Showers.

We are more just happy to help.