Thursday, July 24, 2014

Shower Trays with Anti Slipping Textures (STS-8512OD)

Shower Trays with Anti Slipping Textures (STS-8512OD) 

Anti Slipping Shower Trays 


Shape: Oval

Building Material: Acrylic, resin, and fiberglass. 

Anti slip texture in shape of Dots

Now let’s see what it looks in real.


1. 7 years of experience in manufacturing baths and showers 

2. Upmost care and highly professionalism. 

3. Premium products quality guaranteed. 

4. After sale service 

5. Reputation among the clients. 

6. Short time Delivery 

7. Custom Job Accepted 

What we do? 

Nurture the clients and dealers with our bestpossible quality and prices and.... 

watch them simply, grow bigger. 

What we do else? 

"I just had new house built up and I need two pieces of toilets and 3 face basins and matching taps and probably 2 or 3 shower rooms and a butch of other gadgets." 

If this bothers you much, then we are the one to see. 

At CASA, we collect all the parts and gadgets for you, once for all. 

Phone us now! Magic is about to happen!

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