Sunday, October 9, 2016

Acrylic Shower Tray Shower Base ST-700SH

Acrylic Shower Tray ST-700SH
Acrylic Shower Tray
*Tray Material: Genuine Acrylic
*Size 700x700x150mm, Optional Sizes: 800x800x150mm, 900x900x150mm, 1000x1000x150mm
*Genuine Resin And Refined Fibreglass
*Plywood Reinforcement
*Heavy Duty Zinc Alloy Frame Underneath
*5 Adjustable Legs Built With Rigidity Plastic
*Shower Waste Included
*Highly Wear-Resistant
*Four Side Lips For Better Water Block
*Anti-Slip Textures
*Warranty: 5 Years
Acrylic Shower Tray
Acrylic Shower Tray
Acrylic Shower Tray


  1. I have seen all the acrylic and plastic shower base and just acknowledged this was the standard. No more. The Kohler cast squeeze shower base is solid and critical. It is furthermore low profile so no tremendous walk up to trip getting in the shower. Yes, it is overpowering. In any case, in case you can get help passing on it up the methods, you won't be bewildered. Exactly when reconstruct your bathroom should pick this because of the quality reputation. It doesn't disappoint you.

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